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Sustainable Systems International takes pride in offering Open Systems Design Principles (OSDP) through Fred & Merrelyn Emery’s Search Conference & Participative Design Workshop for Sustainability Integration, Organizational Change and Tropophilia Creation.

JC Wandemberg
President & Founder

Thrive On Uncertainty & Complexity!

Motivated leaders can only do so much about the culture of their organization. Employee commitment, accountability, loyalty, performance, and revenue optimization are directly linked to TRUST and the six psychological criteria for efficient & effective work. For individuals to effectively utilize their skills within any organization, a culture of trust, transparency, and integrity must be in place (i.e., a Tropophilic Culture). Otherwise, any effort becomes counterproductive as people develop apathy and cynicism!

Ordinary Organizations Working Extraordinarily Well

The best way to overcome resistance is not having any to begin with! The two fundamental pillars for this to take place are trust and transparency, and for these to emerge, the right organizational structure must be in place.

For over 60 years Open Systems Design Principles (OSDP) have developed a solid and consistent approach for immediate, reliable, practical, and sustainable organisational transformation and tropophilia development.

OSDP explain and deal with the two problems that cause CEOs most sleepless nights:

1) How to turn goal-seeking employees into ideal-seeking leaders, and

2) How to become a company with a Day-1-Always Attitude

It suffices to address the first problem for the second to be solved by default!

By combining analysis of hard environmental realities with human ideals, OSDP produce proactive-ideal-seeking systems that identify weak spots or inefficiencies before these reveal by themselves. These proactive-ideal-seeking systems not only focus on the conditions under which people work, but especially on producing mutually beneficial relationships between the system and its environment, thus becoming Tropophilic and thriving on uncertainty.

What is Sustainability?
Ideal-Seeking Behavior is sustainability in practice. Goal-seeking behavior ends once the goal has been attained or not. Ideal-seeking-behavior is sustainable because, by definition, an ideal is unattainable in a given time/space but endlessly approachable, hence, sustainable. It is this endless pursuit of a shared ideal what creates and builds sustainability and tropophilia into any process within an organization. Ideals, eventually, can become a reality (e.g., flying, going to the moon, etc.). It is the endless pursuit of ideals what has driven every inch of human progress!

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